Keep it professional

What makes professional relationships different from personal ones? How do you collaborate effectively with people you don't like?

What‘s your career plan?

How do you write a professional growth and development plan? What if you don't have a long-term goal yet?

Why is it better to assign ownership instead of delegating tasks? How do you determine who should own what?

Managing your management

Why do you need to manage your management? How do you manage up with authenticity?

You’ve got coding style

Are you a bold, methodical, or analytical engineer? Is one style better than the others?

Aggregation aggravation

Why do great teams with sufficient data still make bad decisions, miss incidents, and seem unresponsive? How should you slice your data to ensure a quality customer experience?

How do you run a great people discussion? What common mistakes to managers make in people discussions?

Troubled teams

What way can teams get into trouble? How do you resolve issues and sustain high-performing teams?

Activity is not impact

Why do writing more code and working more hours fall short of delivering more value? What should engineers be doing?

Rewarding managers

Should managers be rewarded more than individual contributors? How do you create more impact, opportunity, and innovation for less expense?

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