Everybody leaves

How will I transfer the knowledge of the departing employee? What should I do to help my team cope with the loss?

What's wrong with designating feature work as good, bad, and ugly? How should you categorize feature work and why?

Being responsible

How do you convince management you're ready for a promotion? What are two common ways to demonstrate confidence?

When to ask for help

How long should you be stuck before asking for help? Who should you ask?

Why is workplace politics unavoidable? How do you participate in politics without compromising your integrity?

Why do multi-team postmortems often devolve into blame games and inaction? How do you run a 90-minute postmortem in which every person and topic is heard, and owners are assigned to improvements?

When and why do people actually get promoted? What is a business need?

How’s it going?

What are the four measures in a balanced scorecard? Why must you pay attention to all four?

Does having a diverse team impact hiring the best people? How can a diverse team allow you to be yourself?

Under pressure

How do you take back control in stressful situations? Why is it short-sighted and dangerous to over promise?

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