Proactive obsolescence

What should you do if your expertise is now obsolete? What expertise survives constant change?

Management malady

How can you tell when you manager is deficient? What can you do about it?

Good engineers

Why is quality code necessary but insufficient? Which other two qualities stand out?

Customer obsession

How do you keep your personal biases in check? When should technology considerations override customer considerations?

Why are feature teams better than individuals? How does the best work environment transform into the worst?

Which five engagement strategies deeply connect you to your feature team, yet allow you to focus on the long term? How do you keep your team healthy and growing?

Connects with impact

How is the ‘looking back’ section like a resume? What simple template will help you type less, add more clarity, and gain greater recognition?

How’s it going?

What are the four measures in a balanced scorecard? Why must you pay attention to all four?

Does having a diverse team impact hiring the best people? How can a diverse team allow you to be yourself?

Under pressure

How do you take back control in stressful situations? Why is it short-sighted and dangerous to over promise?

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