How do you run a great people discussion? What common mistakes to managers make in people discussions?

Troubled teams

What way can teams get into trouble? How do you resolve issues and sustain high-performing teams?

Activity is not impact

Why do writing more code and working more hours fall short of delivering more value? What should engineers be doing?

Rewarding managers

Should managers be rewarded more than individual contributors? How do you create more impact, opportunity, and innovation for less expense?

What are the three purposes of a resume? How do you make your resume and interview more memorable and compelling?

I’m not PC

Which software terms are so offensive that we should change them? How do you choose a good alternative to an offensive term?

Switching to DevOps

What are the common mistakes when switching to DevOps? How can your team smoothly transition to DevOps?

Fond farewell to Microsoft

What's improved and what's remained problematic at Microsoft? Where do we go from here?

What’s my motivation?

What motivates knowledge workers? Which leadership style is most effective day to day?

How do you vacation at home when that's where you're working? What three guidelines provide a relaxing and memorable home vacation?

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