Why is workplace politics unavoidable? How do you participate in politics without compromising your integrity?

Why do multi-team postmortems often devolve into blame games and inaction? How do you run a 90-minute postmortem in which every person and topic is heard, and owners are assigned to improvements?

When and why do people actually get promoted? What is a business need?

What’s the better way to share requirements across teams? How are partners like customers?

What do people get wrong about an MVP? Is your project too special to ship an MVP?

How do business considerations impact your group? Is your group delivering enough value to offset its incurred costs?

What's happened since the Windows division switched to a functional org structure? How many different group managers do we need?

Why are war rooms needed? What are the mechanics of running war room?

Why doesn't your work speak for itself? How do you become more visible without grandstanding or appearing desperate?

What should you do if your expertise is now obsolete? What expertise survives constant change?

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