I’m not PC

Which software terms are so offensive that we should change them? How do you choose a good alternative to an offensive term?

Switching to DevOps

What are the common mistakes when switching to DevOps? How can your team smoothly transition to DevOps?

Fond farewell to Microsoft

What's improved and what's remained problematic at Microsoft? Where do we go from here?

What’s my motivation?

What motivates knowledge workers? Which leadership style is most effective day to day?

How do you vacation at home when that's where you're working? What three guidelines provide a relaxing and memorable home vacation?

Give it to me straight

What three rules help you write great performance feedback? Which part of your feedback is the most important?

Fairness rules

How do you make fair choices and impose fair restrictions? Why wouldn't you be transparent?

Feeling remote

What subtle changes can you make to be productive working from home? How do you keep the peace with your housemates and kids?

The good stuff

What makes high performing teams twice as likely as low performers to exceed performance goals? Which wonderful, wasteful, and disgraceful practices do teams follow?

Communication breakdown

How can good communication save you grief? What does a communication plan look like for rollouts, reorgs, and outages?

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